For a campaign to be effective it needs to engage the right audience. We can engage your audience
and help build your brand. We commence this process by engaging with the most important person first – YOU.

Our partnership with Media Placement Services provides us with the best available market research and media performance monitoring throughout Australia and the World. We research and evaluate the specific media and marketing needs and factors required by your unique and specific business.

We listen to your objectives and your Company’s goals. We then identify the best media platforms to deliver your message to your target audience. We recommend how and when to use various media, leveraging your budget to achieve the most profitable outcomes.

We design and plan an appropriate and strategic media campaign, as well as cutting edge creative, to suit both your needs and budget.

We launch you and your business into the prime media space. It is a grand occasion, because here at Ideal Media Management, we aim to catapult you into the optimum position and to do so with a Bang!

Our Approach

With nearly 20 years industry experience, Louise Bickmore, founder and Director of Ideal Media Management is regarded as one of the savviest in the industry.  Along with her highly qualified and expert team, Louise understands and is constantly evolving with the ever changing media landscape and consequently, is well equipped to position your brand both visually and demographically, in the relevant media spaces.

Why choose Ideal Media Management?

At Ideal Media Management our motto is Ideal People – Ideal Media. Quite simply our main priority is you – the client. Ultimately we will do what it takes to ensure your long term success through our marketing and media strategies.

We pride ourselves on our proactive approach to sourcing the best media opportunities for your business’s individual needs. Quite simply, this means we are constantly one step ahead of our competitors in gauging the ever changing media landscape.

In conjunction with our professional and long-term partnership with MPS (Media Placement Services), we have the luxury of being able to offer a  boutique service with the benefits of mass buying power.

How do we do this?

By ensuring we identify your target market by providing powerful media solutions; we can increase customer awareness of your brand, thus increasing your greater share of voice. We consistently have our finger on the pulse of the ever changing traditional and social media landscapes.

By Designing, developing, and maintaining media strategies that have long term, proven success.

By amplifying your competitive advantage through highly-targeted, unique advertising solutions, while negotiating and effectively budgeting to achieve the best possible media campaign per dollar invested.

By cultivating and maintaining longstanding relationships and consequently having excellent rapport with all media outlets.